Today's Silver Market

Much like its fellow precious medal, silver has been on a steady uptick since the turn of the century. Its price per-ounce as of print time was $33.53, which represents a tripling of its value from a mere three years ago. Experts in the futures market are cautious against predicting the value of silver will reach the near $50 per-ounce that it garnered almost exactly one year ago, but they are quick to point out that the precious medal market has equity and tangible resources that many financial institutions cannot match. 
As it stands, investing in silver continues to be a good idea for people who want to have something to show for their hard earned money without having to pay the outrageous rates that gold is currently demanding. The silver market has fluctuated similarly to the gold market over the past few years, but a primary difference lies in the fact that the silver market's fluctuations have a much more drastic impact on the silver market due to the fact that the price of silver pales in comparison to that of gold. 
This means that someone who can correctly time the silver market can get in and out with a robust return within the span of one week. If stocks are purchased on Monday at $32 per-ounce and sold on Friday at $34.50 per-ounce, the owner would be the beneficiary of an 8% return on their investment in the span of five days, something that is unheard of to many conventional investors and coveted by day traders who are forced to experiment with risky approaches. 
Silver is an excellent investment for someone that wants a high potential of return without much risk. Given the volatile state of the banks, silver is essentially immune from a nose dive in value.