Gold Prices

For those people who are still thinking that there is no more upside in the gold market, a historical perspective on the gold prices of today may be in order. After all, when major investors such as George Soros are still investing in the gold market specifically and in the precious metals market in general, there is definitely something to talk about.
Many people are simply afraid of taking a fall on the knife, because the gold prices have hit numerous highs, over and over, in the past four years. However, one big indication that gold prices have not yet hit their peak is that they are still going up with the currency rate, when historically, those two values tend to run completely opposite of each other.
What this means is that the larger investment world still views the increasing currency rate of any individual currency as a short term event. The rise of the entire Eastern economic bloc virtually assures the economic volatility which will keep gold prices going up for years to come. They may not be as fast as they were over the past four years, when they more resembled a growth investment than a hedge against a down market, but the upside is still there over the intermediate long term.
Gold prices have also not hit their historical highs with respect to the gold / silver price ratio. There have been many higher gold / silver price ratios in much easier economic climates, which is another indication that the market interest in gold is not quite done yet.
If you want to take a more pedestrian view of the gold market, you can sit back at 4 am and see how many shady businesses are still trying to get you to melt your gold down and sell it to them.