Gold Buyers

With so many people facing economic distress, it's no wonder they are turning towards alternative means of generating money. For many, cash is sitting in drawers across their homes in the form of gold. With gold prices at record levels, gold buyer websites and businesses have sprung up, each attempting to pay the best price for your gold jewelry and coins. 
Gold buyers are looking to buy gold of all weights and karats. They pay top dollar for the gold, and give immediate cash to the seller. You can walk in with a pile of old and broken jewelry, and walk out with cash in hand. It's that simple. Old gold becomes quick cash. 
What if you're looking to buy gold bars or coins? The same gold buyers will sell you the melted gold in coin or bar form. It is inspected and ensured for purity and quality. As the karats increase, so does the value of the gold. Investors are turning to gold buying and selling operations to obtain gold bars and coins for their personal safekeeping.
Companies which process the gold on site will provide the most money for your gold. They are able to reduce their costs by processing gold on site, rather than through a contractor. By processing the gold on site, they are able to pay more for your gold, as a processing company won't require a fee. These operations work in every major city in America, and will provide the best rates for buying your gold. 
If you're trying to sell your old gold for cash, find a gold broker with on-site melting. You can find out online or by telephone what price sellers are giving for gold. Then you can make your informed decision for selling your gold jewelry to a gold buyer.