Silver Coins Represent a Sound Investment in 2012

Silver coins are expected to continue being a wise investment going forward into 2012. Large government debts, the continued economic crisis in Greece and Europe, and growing political tensions the Middle East should push precious metals prices higher for the foreseeable future. Any price dips would represent good buying opportunities for the savvy investor.
Demand for silver coins remains strong so far this year. On March 6, the U.S. Mint restarted sales of its suspended silver coins after a nearly two-week freeze. All U.S. Mint products resumed action at their previous price points. 
The U.S. Mint is now offering America the Beautiful silver coins for investors. These coins are inscribed to honor Gettysburg National Park in Pennsylvania, Olympic National Park in Washington, Vicksburg National Park in Vicksburg, Chickasaw National Recreational Area in Oklahoma, and Glacier National Park in Montana. 
This was the first such suspension in 2012. Last year there were several due to to silver's price volatility. The more recent occurrence was December 27, when the Mint adjusted its silver coin prices and reduced the uncirculated America the Beautiful five-ounce silver coins from $229.95 to its current level.
American Silver Eagles
American Silver Eagles continue to be the most popular silver coin offered by the U.S. Mint. They were first released in 1986 and have a one dollar face value, usually trading at about one percentage point above the spot price of silver. They are inscribed with the Walking Liberty design that was first seen between 1916-1947 on the obverse of the half dollar coin. 
The classic Adolph A. Weinman design had become such a favorite of collectors everywhere, and the public at large, that it was brought back for the Silver Eagle years later. The reverse of these remarkable coins displays an eagle design created by John Mercanti.  
Silver coins represent a tremendous investment opportunity, given the current global economic and political climate. Precious metals are in the midst of a bull market that shows no end in sight. If you own silver coins, buy on the dips and hold.