About us

GoldBullion.com pairs reputable precious metals buyers and sellers at the local and national level, addressing the diverse needs of our users on each side of the coin. We understand that not all individuals who are interested in investing in Gold, Silver or Platinum will feel comfortable placing an order over the phone or internet.

That is why we are building a directory of local metals dealers who have been carefully screened to ensure that they are reputable and engage in honest and ethical business practices.

For our other members who are seeking to invest with a large national provider we have partnered with three internet based dealers whom we have the highest confidence in.

Rest assured that our extensive screening process ensures that buyers and sellers are trustworthy and established companies. 

Our goal at GoldBullion.com is to create a world class precious metals directory online, one that will not only help connect investors with reputable dealers but provide insightful information that will help them make wise investments.

GoldBullion.com is filled with news and information about the precious metals market, from platinum to gold and silver. We help our visitors build a strong foundation for understanding the market, and pair them with credible precious metals dealers within our site.