The Best 2012 Silver Bullion Releases

Silver mints have been in top production mode with the price of silver holding steadily above $30oz for most of this year. The continuing debt crisis in Europe and bleak economic outlook for the US, have many investors still stacking physical metals to hedge against inflation and an unpredictable market. 2012 brings us a variety of new silver bullion coins to select from when purchasing for investment. We will examine a few of the most popular varieties that have been released this year.
Silver American Eagles
2012 American Eagles look the same as they have in former years and continue to be the most popular coin for silver investors. This year brings us new coins from the San Francisco mint. These coins are carrying a slightly higher premium over spot than coins from other mints. This is due to the high demand, since coins have not born the SF mintmark for many years.
Year of the Dragon Coins
The Rabbit has gone and the Dragon is upon us. Fitting symbolism for the turbulent economic times and these year of the Dragon coins are in high demand. The Australian Lunar Year coins from the Perth Mint are limited to a run of 300,000 and are already fetching 2 to 3 times the spot price of silver.
Canadian Wildlife Series
With the success of the earlier coins in this series, investors are snatching up the latest offering. This new coin features a Moose on the .9999 bullion from the Royal Canadian Mint. This year also brings us the Cougar coin in the series. While neither of these may prove to be as popular as the Wolf from last year, the Moose is reportedly selling quite quickly. 
Australian SilverKookaburras
The ‘Kook’ continues in its popularity and the 2012 coin features a handsome little bird with a piercing eye. These coins from the Perth Mint will likely catch a high premium in years to come. 
Chinese Silver Pandas
The 2012 Panda is set to arrive at the end of March and will sell out quickly if its predecessors are any indication. The design this year, continues with the mother and child motif.