Gold Bullion

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Gold Bullion

Gold is one of the most useful and trusted investments in human history.  For four thousand years, we have been trading it, using it in alloy form to make jewelry, and making coins out of it for use as currency.  Today, gold still retains roughly the same buying power per ounce as it did in ancient times, so it is obvious why so many people value gold as a safe investment.
In order to make the coins and bars of nearly pure gold that are commonly traded on the market, gold must first be processed into a pure form.  Gold is mined from the ground in ore form mixed with many other metals such as silver, zinc, and pyrite.  Mints use chemical processes to separate the gold out from the other metals and melt it, and then they press the gold into bar or coin form.  Gold bullion, as its purest form is known, is composed of at least 99.9 percent gold.
Many mints and financial institutions throughout the world manufacture gold bullion, some of the best known being Credit Suisse, Engelhard, APMEX, and Northwest Territorial Mint.  The governments of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, among others, also mint gold bullion, usually in the form of legal tender.  Real gold bullion always bears particular marks.  Usually, the mint will stamp its own mark into the gold coin or bar, along with the mark ".999" or "99.9" and "Fine Gold".  These marks all indicate that the item in question is indeed gold bullion.  Those who are interested in buying gold bullion, whether as an investment or as a hedge against inflation, can easily find it in both coin and bar form in stores that specialize in the trade of gold and silver.  Gold bullion is also available for sale online at various mint and precious metal trading websites.



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